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Scott P. Scheper
Downtown San Diego, CA

People Committed to Growth and Learning

Dear Friend,

First off: I only consider you a friend if you're someone who's committed to growth and learning.

I also only consider you a friend if you're not a buzzkillington (a buzzkillington is someone who doesn't laugh while watching Family Guy).

If this isn't you, no problem. You can stop reading now.

Otherwise, let's get started.

My name is Scott Scheper. I reside in San Diego, California, and I am committed to one thing: Helping you grow your mind.

Right now, I do this through my recent foray into the field of knowledge management. My goal is to help people unlock the inner genius inside of them.

The website you've stumbled upon today is going to be the most impactful website you'll come across all year.

Here's why: I believe there is an inner genius inside every person. Whether it be a book, a research paper, a music piece, or whatever⸺I am committed to helping you get it out there⸺and to get it done the right way, the hard way, the best way.

If this interests you, I'd like to invite you to join me on this journey.

On a weekly basis, I will be writing to you. I'll share with you the latest events from my life, and the very best lessons about reading, writing, marketing, and more.

Last, I will never send you crap from a do-not-reply email address. I write to you from my own email address. You can reply, and I promise to read it. But no promises on getting a response from me. I spend most of my time offline.

Anyway, I've written enough.

If you would like to join my private mailing list, then you'll need to apply.

I don't let everyone in.

I want people committed to becoming better readers, writers, and thinkers.

Oh, I also want people who are interested in learning from one of the best "underground" marketers alive.

If this interests you, then please submit your application below.

Your application will be reviewed and "Accepted" or "Rejected" within 24 hours.

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Warm regards,

Scott P. Scheper