Scott Scheper

Direct-response Marketer in San Diego, California

Scott Scheper

Direct-response Marketer in San Diego, California

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My name is Scott Scheper. What you are about to read is a stream of consciousness, written by me, Scott Scheper, in the first person (unlike weird LinkedIn profiles wherein you write in the third person). Side note: It's weird that people actually write in the third-person in the first place...

Anyways, let's get on with this. My name is Scott Scheper and I am obsessed with direct-response marketing, display advertising, copywriting, cryptocurrency, programming, reading, learning, growing and laughing my ass off along the way. I feel 1000% grateful and fortunate to be alive in a time like today; a technology renaissance of A.I., Cryptocurrency and Virtual Reality and Genetic engineering (which, I really don't know much about--genetic engineering, that is). But crypto, though, I'm obsessed with.

I am not political at all and do not watch the news; however, I do find myself inspired to work and change the world when reflecting on the sacrifices our founding fathers made in founding America (the pain, hardships of sailing the seas, battles, horrific injuries (like that scene in The Patriot where that cannonball rolls down the field and takes off that one dude's legs. Yeah, like that), etc. But seriously, they sacrificed their lives all because they had hope/belief that they could create a country where we are free to innovate, to think, to believe and to create. I believe we are better off today than we were 200 years ago; and we need to reflect on how lucky we are to be alive in a time like today).

I'm looking forward to bringing that spirit and *right* to the entire world by decentralizing the concentrated powers and enabling people in other countries, who are less fortunate, and didn't win the ovarian lottery (by being born in the U.S.) to be able to use their creativity to change the world in their own unique way.

Anyways, that's a bit about me. Hit me up on LinkedIn or Facebook or something else to chat.

Also, I LOVE green things. My lime green jeep, my green furniture, and pretty much green anything.

Much love.

Let's change the world,

Scotty Scheper

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