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About You

If you are a person committed to growth and learning——specifically in the field of writing or copywriting——then this website is the best thing you could read.


That statement is true IF, AND ONLY IF you're interested in producing genius-level work in your field.

This type of pursuit means one thing: you must commit your life to challenging growth.

You won't find this type of advice in "The Lazy Man's Guide to Getting Rich." You won't find wealth, either.

I teach you how to learn things the right way——the old way——the hard way. The only way.

If this interests you, great...

But one more thing: I'm only for people who enjoy shows like Family Guy. "Life's too important to be taken too seriously," as Oscar Wild once said.

If what I have just described is not you, no big deal.

Let's part ways before things get serious.

...Now is the time to get up and leave...

...(awkward silence)...

OK now, for the person still here...

Here's the deal:

My name is Scott Scheper, and I
publish content——specifically for YOU.

I do this for one reason...

I do this because...
I actually fricken' like YOU!

Why shouldn't I like you?

If this page describes you, it means you're committed to mastery——without——being a buzzkillington!.

Hell! I even consider you a friend, which is why I address you as such.

This website is where I share things important to me. I welcome you aboard the journey of challenging growth. The route we are taking is the hard way.

Our objective?

It's Simple...