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Sample chapter from my book ('The Myths of Zettelkasten')


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Dear Friend,

First things first: I'd like to share a sample chapter of my upcoming book with you.

This chapter is titled The Myths of Zettelkasten. I posted it last night on the Antinet Reddit Community and on Twitter (Forgive me… I usually save my best stuff for my private mailing list. And I usually make sure you're the first ones to hear about it!)

Anyway, here's a link to the chapter: Chapter Link

I hope you enjoy it. In my opinion, it's complete shit. Just kidding! In reality, I do think the chapter's flow could be improved. It's more of an appendage piece to the book. It provides some valuable nuggets for my fellow Zettelkasten junkies. Yet I also think it's decent and informative. Hope you find value in it!

Also, thank you to everyone who responded to my last email. Your insights are invaluable in helping me plan and prioritize my next moves.

You know… seeking advice from your community isn't the easiest thing to do. I risk looking like a meek little b-word, asking mommy and daddy for their advice. I was processing a lot last week. Trying to prioritize my life, business, and options for whether or not to turn this thing into a business.

To be frank: things still aren't crystal clear. However, one thing did become crystal clear last week:

I have a community of badass folks that I genuinely really like!

Who would've thought? Having customers and people you serve who don't suck?! Really? Impossible, they say!

It became clear to me that my community of people (you) are people I genuinely like. You're open, curious, committed to learning and… you're not afraid of good ol' hard work. You don't shy away from doing things the hard way. You're actually interested in something as crazy as developing your mind using a pen-and-paper notecard system. You, my friend, are fricken' awesome.

So, with that little sappy preamble out of the way, I'd also share another observation:

Many of you are flat-out broke!

Just kidding (well sorta). The lesson I learned from last week was that the prices of products I was thinking of were way too high.

That's fine, and I actually agree with this feedback.

However, the problem was primarily in how I presented the offerings. I was outlining products with zero sizzle. I didn't share any of the magic. I told you about the trip, not the destination.

A $54-$96 monthly membership? A $1,000 course? I agree! Those sound lame as hell!

I got a good number of responses from people telling me they couldn't afford it. I think they could—if and only if—it also presented itself as something irresistible. For instance: If it guaranteed you'd create the book you've always wanted to write. If it guaranteed you get your thesis, dissertation or paper published with little stress. If it guaranteed you'd begin ingesting books like a bibliophile maniac. If it guaranteed these things, maybe they would be more appealing.

The bottom line is this: I hear you. To hell with yet another monthly membership that offers little value. To hell with yet another PKM course that costs thousands of dollars. The only people those courses help are—you guessed it!—the course creators themselves!

Anyway, I'm going to end my rant now.

Even for the people who said they're students and can't afford anything right now, I will say this: It's something my mentor Gary Halbert told me. He said, "Just because you're broke doesn't mean you're poor. Being poor is having a poor mindset."

Thankfully, I'm surrounded by a community of people who do not have a poor mindset. You have a growth mindset. It's a pleasure to serve you, and I look forward to continuing to do so!

I'll end this piece now before I go down another rabbit hole.

But before I leave, I would like to remind you of one thing:

To always remember…

To stay crispy, my friend.

Warm regards,

Scott P. Scheper

"A Man Who Serves a Few Broke Individuals, But Not One Single Poor Individual"

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