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Brain fog in Israel


Scott P. Scheper

Downtown San Diego, CA



Dear Friend,

I am writing you from a hotel cafe in Jerusalem, Israel. I'm here for a week, for a friend's wedding.

My head is foggy, and I feel disoriented. Why? A mix of jet lag and Ambien. Plus, the worst glass of chardonnay I ever had in my life last night. Ah, what a feeling.

As I write this to you right now, I'm trying to ignore a conversation going on at the table across from me. I don't know what it is, but when you're groggy and jet-lagged, the last thing you want to hear is people arguing in some stressful-sounding Arabic language. Go figure.

Anyway, I feel what I have to say is important enough to push past these inconveniences and write you an email.

There are two reasons: First, I want to update you on the Antinet Book, and second, I don't want you to forget about me.

These days, filled with news of war and Amber Heard slapping around Johnny Depp, it's important I remind you of the fact that not everyone is bat shit crazy.

Let's get into things.

First, here is an update on the book:

For the past several weeks, I haven't done much to advance the book's progress. This isn't a bad thing necessarily. I think it's important for one to take a break after finishing the first draft. I can't recall whom I heard this advice from. I think it was Ryan Holiday or Dan Kennedy.

As you know, the first draft of my book is already done. The book is being edited by my copyeditor. She sends me her revisions chapter-by-chapter. I implement her revisions as they come in.

Out of the 28 main chapters, six have been copyedited and reintegrated into the manuscript.

A few days ago, just before heading on my flight to Israel, my copyeditor, Wendy 'The Wonderful', sent me another five chapters with feedback and revisions. The plan was to integrate those revisions on my flight from San Diego to Israel. However, I ended up sleeping for nine out of the thirteen hours instead!

I might be making my way through those edits throughout this trip. We'll see. Or, maybe I'll just actually spend my time in Israel… enjoying Israel!

I'm telling you all of this to keep the expectations about the book's timeline realistic.

I think it's possible for me to have the book completed in August. Soon thereafter it's onto the design, manufacturing, and printing of the book. That's the goal, anyway. But if not, keep calm and carry on.

In the next few months, I'll not only be working to get my book edited, I'll also be exploring ways I can provide value to those of you looking to become prolific writers using an Antinet.

I'll be exploring a number of things. Perhaps even the idea of offering 1-on-1 in-person Antinet bootcamps. We'll see.

Until then, stay tuned.

And always remember,

To stay crispy, my friend.


Scott P. Scheper

"A Disoriented American Stumbling Around Israel"

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