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Daily Publishing Practice + A Question for You


Scott P. Scheper

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Dear Friend,

First thing's first: never travel to Israel.

OK, that might be a bit extreme.

I'll hedge this advice a bit. Basically, when you travel to Israel, prepare yourself for the hell you will endure when traveling home!

You see, Israel's airport is the most secure airport in the world.

It's also the worst airport in the world.

Look, there are many bad airports in this world. Until Wednesday, I assumed all bad airports were unintentionally bad airports. However, this is not the case for Israel.

Israel's airport is intentionally bad!

It is massive, it is organized, and it is painfully slow. When you arrive at the airport, you enter a security line, which has you standing for 2 hours.

When you get to the front of the line, you are then grilled by two people. They play good-cop, bad-cop. They ask you pointed questions about your personal life. They get into irrelevant details. They quiz you on various things to check for consistency in your answers. They browbeat you and stare you down.

After this 2-hour security hell, you then proceed through another 2-hour security line, the typical one (where you scan your bags and walk through a metal detector).

My fiancé and I got to the airport four hours early, and we still barely made our flight. Seriously.

I'm still recovering from jet lag, but really I'm recovering from this nightmare!

I will share some good news with you, however.

On the return flight, I was able to get some work done integrating edits from my Antinet book.

As it stands today, 14 chapters have been edited. There are 16 chapters left to go. We're making progress!

Now, one of the main reasons I wanted to write to you today is this: a daily publishing practice.

In a video I recorded with fellow Antinetter, Lane Watson, one of the topics we discuss is the concept of a daily publishing practice.

In brief, for over a year I have made it a habit to publish a piece of content… every… single… day.

This first started with a daily podcast I put out into the world (

I then moved over to publishing a daily writing piece on my website (

Then, because I wanted to focus on writing my book, I decided to do the bare minimum and publish a simple thought or quote on my Twitter profile, every single day (

The concept of a daily publishing practice derives from an entrepreneur and marketer named Russell Brunson. He suggests publishing something every day for one year. After a certain point, you begin to 'find your voice'.

The idea is to get in the habit of shipping content. It's to get in the habit of hitting the publish button. It allows you to mitigate the fears of putting yourself out there. Every single day it forces you to publish something that very well could suck (and probably does).

It's a practice implemented by many people. For instance, Seth Godin follows this practice (he's the writer of many short and shitty business books).

This practice creates momentum, which makes it easier to publish in other ways.

For instance, it helped me get in the habit of publishing videos on my YouTube channel (

Anyway, if you've gotten to reading this far, then I have a question for you:

Out of the various forms of content I've published, which type is your favorite?

Here are the options:

  1. My Podcast Episodes: link
  2. My Writing Pieces: link and link
  3. My Tweets: link
  4. My YouTube Videos: link
  5. My Emails to You!

Simply hit reply to this email and tell me which form of content of mine you like best.

I'll keep that in mind and…

I'll continue hitting the publish button.

I hope this ignites some ideas on your end, as well!

Warm regards,

And have a great weekend.

Scott P. Scheper

"A Man Who Is Now on Mossad's Shit List"

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