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Scott P. Scheper

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Friday 12:31 p.m.

Dear Friend,

I was on a jog yesterday at a trail I frequent called Tecolote Canyon Natural Park. Actually, I lied. It wasn't so much a jog as it was a walk.

I walked most of the trail yesterday, not because I'm out of shape, but because I couldn't stop thinking about something.

You see, last month I spoke with twenty-three Antinetters by phone for roughly one hour each.

Here's what I learned:

First, I've done a hell of a job filtering out people who suck. Every person I spoke with is committed to growth and learning. Every single person I spoke with was awesome, and more importantly, they were not buzzkillingtons! They had personality. I have no doubt that you—the person reading this right now—also falls into this camp of awesome intellectual people.

The second thing I learned is that every single person is attracted by the idea of the Antinet in order to reach their higher-level goals.

But here's where things get sticky. And here's the thing I was mulling over during my walk at Tecolote Canyon yesterday:

You see, I've concluded that people are attracted to the idea of the Antinet because they view it as the most powerful knowledge machine out there.

And I am 1,000% confident that the Antinet is the best knowledge machine out there. The reason why centers on its ability to develop your mind, and develop your thinking. It does this better than any other tool (from bullet journals to digital notetaking apps used by the bubble graph boys).

But what does this knowledge machine actually do?

That, my friend, is the question.

I've concluded there are four primary things the Antinet helps you become:

  1. Become a Learning Machine.

First, the Antinet can make you a learning machine. If you're someone who loves reading and learning, yet has a full-time job (as an entrepreneur, a programmer, or other professional), the Antinet is a fantastic tool for ingesting books and connecting the ideas. The end result of this centers more on the intangible benefit of being sharper and outshining others in your field of work. You become almost a walking encyclopedia for insanely brilliant ideas.

Others in your workplace, and your friends, will begin to take notice. But gaining external approval from others isn't "the true prize." The true prize derives from gaining internal approval from yourself. There's no better feeling in the world than growing your mind. You begin feeling more in control of the world around you. This is one clear benefit of the Antinet. It can make you a learning machine in order to excel in your primary field of work.

  1. Become an Online Content Machine.

Second, the Antinet can make you a content machine. If you're an entrepreneur, or anyone who wants to grow their online audience, or attract new clients, the Antinet can transform you into a content machine. By this I'm referring to online content (like short-form blog posts and articles). I'm also referring to content for YouTube videos and Podcasts. The Antinet gives you an edge over others in that most people create content that isn't valuable! It's dog shit, quite frankly. Their content is not very developed. Most people develop their content on the fly. For instance, when they write a blog post, they do their thinking while writing the blog post! This leads to sub-par content. And thus, sub-par results. With the Antinet, you do your thinking and pre-processing well before you write the first word or hit the record button. In brief, the Antinet can turn you into a content machine in order to grow your online audience.

  1. Become a Book Writing Machine.

Third, the Antinet can make you a book writing machine. Here's the thing: many of you have a work of genius living inside of you. You have a book that's secretly ruminating in your mind. Heck, you may have several books ruminating in your mind. Or at least, you will have several book ideas over the course of your life. The problem is: you have no system for making this book idea a reality. It is my belief that the Antinet is the very best system out there for writing a book. However, I'm not talking about any type of book. I'm not talking about the typical ghost-written self-help book. I'm not talking about books written by some self-aggrandizing dipshit entrepreneur. Nay. The Antinet helps you write a book that is deeply footnoted, deeply researched, deeply referenced, yet also deeply entertaining! Yet, the very best part of this system centers on the manner in which the book is written. With the Antinet, you write your book while doing what you love: reading! Yes, reading. Writing sucks, reading is fun. The Antinet works in such a way wherein you get to do the fun stuff (reading), while also writing a book, piece by piece. If there's any area in which the Antinet shines, it's in turning you into a book writing machine.

  1. Become an Academic Research Machine.

Fourth, the Antinet can make you an academic paper machine. If you're a PhD candidate who needs to write a thesis (or dissertation), or if you're anyone interested in writing academic papers (either to be published in journals, or independently), then the Antinet is the ultimate tool for such. Many PhDs and researchers struggle with writing. The Antinet completely eradicates this problem. In fact, you'll have a hard time cutting yourself off! An 80,000 page dissertation becomes trivial. Yet, your material will also be significantly deeper than merely using a text editor (like most people do). Whether you need to simply crank out a thesis for your PhD, or publish 550 papers like Niklas Luhmann, the Antinet can make you an absolute beast when it comes to academic research.

Now, back to my walk yesterday at Tecolote Canyon. Actually, before that, let me tell you the idea I came up with the day before:

I've decided that I want to begin hosting 2-Day 1-on-1 "Bootcamps" in my office in Downtown San Diego.

That's right.

I want to fly out my top Antinetters, individually, who are committed to becoming an absolute knowledge machine.

I want to spend two days teaching them the ins and outs of analog knowledge development.

I want to teach each person, one-on-one in my beautiful conference room in my office, as well as in my actual office (with my own Antinet).

I want to hold knowledge development sessions together. Where we're each reading the same book, and then we compare notes. I want to teach you, by example, how to think, how to ingest books, how to develop the knowledge, and how to instal the knowledge in your Antinet.

I want to take each person from wherever they currently are (confused, unfocused in their research or work), and teach them the Antinet, knowledge development, and create a one-year plan to help them reach their goals.

I also want to be there with them for the following year, available 24-7 to answer texts, or even chat by phone in times of challenge, to help them hit their goals.

The problem I'm running into is specifically figuring out what to focus on teaching.

It is my belief that the very best use-cases for the Antinet centers on becoming a Book Writing Machine or an Academic Paper Machine.

I believe that by focusing on helping you become a Book Writing Machine or an Academic Research Machine, you will also receive the benefits of becoming a Learning Machine or an Online Content Machine.

However, on my walk at Tecolote Canyon Park, I realized one more thing:

There's actually a fifth category.

You see, most people want to become either: (1) a learning machine, (2) an online content machine, (3) a book writing machine, or (4) an academic research machine.

Or they want a combination of these things.

But a potentially greater, higher-level thing people want is the fifth category:

  1. The Neo Intellectual Life. This category describes those who want to get paid doing what they really love to do every day: reading, writing, and creating. In brief, they want a life like I have. I spend my days reading, writing, and creating knowledge in my Antinet. My vocation is my vacation. I write one email a week, and create one YouTube video a week. I'm building a movement, creating work I believe in, and building an audience with only people I like! In the old days, "The Intellectual Life" meant that you'd need to work in academia. It meant you'd have to chase the tenure track of the academic system. It meant you'd have to sacrifice your soul doing work you didn't want to do. Now, in this digital age, there's an opportunity to chase your intellectual pursuits and to get paid doing what you love! This is the post-academic intellectual life, or what you could call, "The Neo Intellectual Life." There are several ways to make a living doing with this. The monetization is the easy part. The more important part centers on the other fundamental components, which I won't get into now.

In summary, there are five categories I could focus on in these 2-Day Bootcamps:

  1. How to become a Learning Machine.
  2. How to become an Online Content Machine.
  3. How to become a Book Writing Machine.
  4. How to become an Academic Research Machine.
  5. How to become a Neo Intellectual (Getting paid to read, write, and develop knowledge all day).

My question to you is this:

IF YOU HAD TO ONLY PICK ONE: Which one of the five options above do you desire most?

Please respond to this email with your choice.

Thank you, and as always, thank you for your time and attention!

Your friend,

Scott P. Scheper

"A Man Who May Soon Be Meeting You at An Intensive 2-Day Knowledge Bootcamp in San Diego, CA!"

P.S. Stay crispy, my friend.

P.P.S. Thank you to all who wished me well after my email last week! I'll have you know, that I've stayed true to my word. Well, sorta. I "stuck it to the man" by moving into a smaller place in my building in Little Italy, San Diego. It's less of a rip-off, yet it's also on the so-called "Penthouse" floor of my building (which is just a fancy pants term for the sixth floor). I decided to just move, and get it over with. Now I can get back to work on what really matters: building an analog knowledge revolution in order to help people actually use their brains again!

P.P.P.S. On the relationship front, well, I like to think of the words from my ol' mentor, the copywriter Gary Halbert. I was listening to him on my walk on the Tecolote Park trail when he said something that perfectly described me: God had a certain fixed allocation of abilities when he created man. For some, he gave them the ability to manage their household and complete errands. For some, he gave them the ability to have great relationships. For some, he gave them the ability to manage their checkbooks. But for Gary C. Halbert (and Scott P. Scheper), God gave them 100% ability to write, and 0% for anything else!


Friday 3:11 p.m.



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