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What Learning Style Do You Prefer? (Please Reply Again)


Scott P. Scheper

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Friday 1:50 p.m.

Dear Friend,

Every night this week I woke up in a cold sweat feeling like I needed to vomit (well, every night besides last night).

Here's why: If you've been keeping track of my latest emails, you know I've decided to "stick it to the man." How? By not accepting my property manager's recent rent spike (they were trying to get me to pay an insane amount for a two-bedroom in San Diego). An insane amount!

If you read the P.S. part of my last email, you also know that I decided to move to a much smaller unit costing significantly less in rent.

Well, I lied.

After telling my property manager that I'd move into a smaller unit (with a lower but extremely overpriced monthly rent), I went back to him and emailed him. I told him, "I've had a change of heart."

You see, one of the things going on in the background of all this, is this small little fact: I have a fiancé and a two-year-old "soul daughter." (Yes, believe it or not, I still have a fiancé. An extremely tolerant one, who puts up with my rants about overblown digital PKM hype during our dinner dates).

Indeed, almost a year ago I met my (now) fiancé and my step-daughter (who I am the 100% sole-custody father of, which is why I call her my "soul daughter"). However, for the past year we've continued to live separately. This was quite nice, honestly, for an introvert like myself! I got to focus on my work during the week, and on the weekends, spend time being a good partner and father.

But the time had come. I was faced with a decision of continuing to live this hybrid-bachelor life, or to take a leap of faith: to say screw it and move in together.

Continuing to live by myself felt like the safer choice. And so last week, that's the very thing I did: I chose the safer route. I decided to simply move from an over-priced 2-bedroom, to an over-priced 1-bedroom studio.

But after a few days, it just didn't feel right.

It felt like I was "copping out" and choosing the easy road in life.

So over the weekend I said, screw it, let's do it. I decided to change course. I decided to ditch the hybrid-bachelor life, and take on responsibility: by deciding to live with my fiancé and soul daughter.

I emailed my property manager and told him I'm officially moving out on the date my lease expires (which was only two weeks away).

My fiancé and soul daughter live in a quaint apartment twenty-two minutes east, so don't worry, they weren't going to be left living on the street. However, from the second I emailed my property manager, it meant I technically didn't have a place to live.

Indeed, last week I had no idea where I would live in two weeks. This is precisely why I kept waking up in the middle of the night feeling like I needed to vomit.

But here's the good news: as of Thursday evening, I officially found a new place to live for myself, my fiancé, and my soul daughter! We found a 4-bedroom house eighteen minutes east of downtown San Diego (where my office is located, and where I'm writing to you from right now).

So now I have a place to live in two weeks, and now I'm officially taking the next step in life: I'm taking on the (amazing) responsibility of being a father, and taking on the (amazing) responsibility of being a shitty fiancé (just kidding, she reads these).

While this is good news and all, here's the best piece of news: I'm no longer getting completely ripped off by paying insanely high rent!

That's right, I'm no longer paying the insanely high rent that comes from living in downtown San Diego.

The 4-bedroom house we found in East County San Diego is cheap!

Why is this important? It's important because this is one of the core tenets in building a Neo-Intellectual Life.

Look, I'm fortunate enough to where I get to spend my days reading, developing knowledge, and writing.

I'm able to do this partly because I've created a certain blueprint for building this type of life. I'm executing a strategy which enables me to build an audience, and build out a movement while doing what I love.

The reason why you should care is because I am absolutely certain you can build out this same type of life, as well (the "neo intellectual life").

You can spend your days doing what you love (reading, learning, writing, researching). You can also make a comfortable living doing it, and you can build out an amazing community of people to interact with.

After sending out last week's email, it became clear to me that this is what many of you really want: the neo-intellectual life.

Of course, you also want to become a learning machine, a content machine, a writing machine, and/or a research machine. I'll continue to develop material that helps you become those things. But they are the means to building the neo-intellectual life.

The neo-intellectual life revolves around simplicity, and it revolves around minimizing living expenses.

The intellectual life revolves around quieting the mind. It centers on developing knowledge that is deep. It revolves around writing something which is actually worth reading.

All of this is made possible, of course, through the Antinet Zettelkasten. But more importantly, it is made possible via a specific process of working with an Antinet.

Anyway, I touched on something above. I mentioned simplicity and minimizing living expenses. This frees you up to invest in the things that matter: your learning, your development, and books! This is something the Catholic intellectual monk and writer Antonin Sertillanges outlined in his book, The Intellectual Life.

I read this book back in April, and I remember encountering one part wherein Sertillanges recommends minimizing expenses. He recommends cutting out all frivolous expenses that take away from your true craft: doing intellectual work.

When I read this, it felt incongruent to how I was living. Downtown San Diego, with its insane rent prices, just felt like I was lighting money on fire. It was not in congruence with living the neo-intellectual life!

With my move to East County San Diego (and its cheaper rent), I feel way more in congruence with the neo-intellectual life.

Anyway, what I'm trying to get at is this: This week has been a hell of a week, but it's been a very rewarding week.

In spite of all of this, I made fantastic progress editing the Antinet Book this week!

Yes, my 190,000-word bible on the (real) Zettelkasten—the Antinet Zettelkasten—is coming along great.

Out of the twenty-four chapters, there's only nine left to edit! Note: by "edit," I mean integrate the edits from my copyeditor, Wendy "The Wonderful." I then read-through the chapter word-by-word. But here's the key part: I read the chapter word-by-word OUT LOUD(I learned this from the great marketer, Dan Kennedy). This helps you edit for the flow and style of your writing.

Anyway, let's wrap this thing up now.

As you know, in addition to writing my book, I'm also working hard on something else:

I want to have a more "hands-on" impact in turning you into a learning machine, content machine, writing machine, and/or research machine. I also want to give you the tools and blueprint for creating a "movement" and building an audience around your passion or research area. That way you can build amazing friendships with like-minded people. It means you can also build a comfortable life reading and writing in a field you love.

As mentioned in my last email, the way I'm thinking about doing this is through offering 1-on-1 multi-day bootcamps in my office in downtown San Diego.

However, I understand that some of you may not like the idea of traveling all the way to San Diego.

For this reason, I'd like ask you something:

I am exploring offering something that will go 100x deeper than my Antinet YouTube videos. It will teach you how to become a learning machine, content machine, writing machine, and/or academic research machine. I will help you build the neo-intellectual life for yourself (so that you can build a movement and comfortable living doing what you love).

Now, here's the question:

Assuming the price was the same for each of the following options, which learning style do you most prefer?

Option 1: A multi-day 1-on-1 bootcamp with Scott in his offices in downtown San Diego.

Option 2: A 3-month 1-on-1 coaching program with Scott done weekly via 1-hour Zoom calls.

Option 3: A 6-week online group course (with 30 or so other participants).

Please reply to this email and let me know the learning style you prefer (Option 1, 2, or 3).

Please Note: I'm only asking for your feedback on which "learning style" you prefer. I'm not asking you to invest. This feedback will help me finalize the legendary offer I'm cooking up for my people!

I hope you enjoyed reading this email, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

I look forward to continuing to update you on this wild journey.

And I look forward to delivering content that turns you into a knowledge machine.

Your fellow neo-intellectual,

Scott P. Scheper

"A Man Who is No Longer Getting Bent Over by Exorbitant Rent Prices"

P.S. Don't forget to reply to this email and tell me what learning style you prefer (Option 1, 2, or 3).

P.P.S. Here's a small chapter sample from my upcoming book. This is your reward for being insane enough to read my bitchings and ramblings: Sample Chapter: Network

P.P.P.S. Stay crispy, my friend.


Friday 4:06 p.m.



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